The Centennial School Board encourages the use of facilities by school-related organizations, and Centennial community and youth groups.  Fees have been established to cover applicable costs.

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Facility Use Application - Non Stadium Facilities
Facility Use Application - Stadium

I.    General Provisions
A.  Category One Users – Students The facilities of the Centennial School District are intended for Centennial School District student programs and activities.  Scheduling of these student programs and activities shall have the highest priority.  Schedules may be changed by building administrators for unforeseen circumstances.
B.  Category Two Users – Centennial Adult Evening School The Centennial Adult Evening School is a user subject to special fee arrangements (Section VI A).  Use of facilities by this group will be given priority for scheduling before groups listed in Sections I C and I D.
C.  Category Three Users –Community Groups The following groups listed in priority order may apply to use the listed facilities for their regular meetings and related special activities.  The fees for facility usage by these groups are annually approved by the School Board (Section VI A).  The fees will include charges necessary to cover expenses incurred by the District when custodians must be brought in during non-working hours or  additional custodial staff is required.  Fees to cover food service staff hours if kitchens are used will be billed separately and shall be prepaid unless other arrangements have been approved.
Community Groups - Use of all facilities unless otherwise noted  
  1. Home and school and/or parent/teacher associations
  2. Centennial booster organizations (school affiliated)
  3. Centennial resident youth groups including, but not limited to, organized sports and scouting organizations.
    1. organized sports
    2. scouting organizations
    3. private/parochial schools located within District boundaries
  4. Governmental agencies
  5. Businesses having an affiliation with the District for nonprofit purposes
  6. Centennial resident civic, cultural and service organizations having a majority of Centennial resident membership and/or an on-going connection with the Centennial community such as:
    1. Centennial resident neighborhood civic associations organized for the purpose of discussion of neighborhood affairs
    2. Cultural: Centennial resident music, artistic, dramatic associations organized for the purpose of rehearsal, performance of music compositions, plays or art displays
    3. Centennial Resident Service Organizations: Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Jr. Chamber of Commerce and like organizations
  7. Centennial resident adult recreational groups having a majority of Centennial resident membership and/or an on-going connection with the Centennial community.

     8.  Centennial staff groups (limited to staff attended functions only)

D.  Category Four Users (See VI.A.)
The following groups may make application for use of facilities, subject to priorities of school use, with the understanding that established fees are above district cost and that all projected fees must be paid in advance:
  1. Community based employee associations and labor unions (limited to members) for meetings (classroom and auditorium use only)
  2. College/university course offerings or other usage (classroom and auditorium use only)

E.  Special Considerations
  1. The School District reserves the right to refuse the use of any facility to any organization due to checks returned for insufficient funds, lack of financial credibility, violation of rules and regulations, conduct inappropriate for general audiences, or damages associated with previous usage.
  2. The District reserves the right to assign employees to staff the building at the expense of the organizations using the facilities.
  3. Adult users of District facilities for recreational purposes must be employed by and/or reside within the boundaries of the Centennial School District.  Adult users shall provide verification of residence and/or employment.
  4. The organization using a school facility may not sublet or transfer its rights, privileges and responsibilities to any other individual, group or organization.
  5. The District reserves the right to deny or adjust a request based on financial implications for the District.
  6. The Centennial School District shall not directly or through parent or booster groups sponsor activities involving outside amusement contractors for multi-day events that are open to the general public and held on School District property.
  7. Any facility use may be canceled or denied due to extenuating circumstances up to and including the day of the event.

II.   Facility Use  (Excluding Stadium)

A.  Application

All applications for the use of school facilities shall be made on the proper form at the office of the principal (Attachment A).

  1. The application must be submitted a minimum of four weeks prior to the scheduled event.  If Board approval is required, a minimum of six weeks is needed.
  2. All applications must be signed by at least one responsible officer of the organization making the application.
  3. All applications are subject to the approval and conditions established by the school principal.
  4. All PIAA applications are subject to review and approval by the principal and the Facilities Director.
  5. All applicants must provide the following information:
    1. number of participants
    2. percentage of participants who are residents of Centennial School District
    3. other facilities (district, township, etc.) requested for this activity.
  6. Principals shall approve the application for use and forward the application, insurance certificate and waiver request (if required) to the Facilities Department.
  7. The Facilities Department will verify that the application is complete and process  waiver requests.  Upon approval, Facilities Department will distribute approved applications as follows: Principal, Director of Business Administration, Building Supervisor, Facilities Director, Applicant.
  8. When fees apply to Category Three Users the Business Office will send the applicant an invoice upon completion of the building use.  Fees will be paid by check or money order payable to Centennial School District.
  9. For Category Four User groups, 200% of projected cost for fees must be paid in advance.
    1. 100% above projected cost is a security deposit for damages or extra clean up, if necessary.
    2. The portion of the security deposit not required by the District for damages or clean up shall be returned to the user within one month following activity closeout.  The security deposit shall not operate as a limit upon recoverable damages.

In the event a facility use request is withdrawn after receipt of payment, 20% of the projected charges will be withheld by the School District to cover administrative and other services.  Request for exceptions to the above shall be submitted by the organization to the principal and forwarded to the Business Office.

B.     Insurance

Every organization or individual requesting use of any school facility is required to present current proof of insurance.

  1. The Certificate of Insurance must be completed and forwarded with the application to the principal prior to the use of the facility.
  2. The Certificate of Insurance is subject to the following requirements:
    1. Minimum Liability Limits are $500,000 Combined Single Limit to $500,000 Bodily Injury and $250,000 Property Damage subject to approval with CSD insurance carrier.
    2. The School District must be named as an additional insured on the certificate of insurance.
    3. Automobile Liability subject to a minimum of $500,000 if vehicles of the organization or individual renting facilities will be on school district property.
    4. Workers Compensation is required if the organization or individual renting facilities has employees.
  3. Insurance is to be provided by insurance companies licensed to do business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and subject to the approval of the District Business Administrator.  The insurance company must be rated at least A by The Best Insurance Rating Service.

C.     Scheduling

  1. The principal is responsible for the scheduling of facility use. 
  2. Principals shall schedule the use of facilities in the order of priority as indicated  in Section I.
  3. All schedules for school facility use shall be established by consultation among   principals in a fair, timely and equitable manner according to the following timeline:
    1. Fall/Winter sports by June 30 (September to February)
    2. Spring/Summer sports by August 30 (March to August)
  4. The principal may require a group to share a facility when the number of  participants cannot justify the use of the entire facility.
  5. The principal will notify the building supervisor when groups have been given permission to use a building.
  6. All facilities are closed on Sundays unless specific Board approval has been received.  Use of facilities on Saturdays or holidays is subject to availability of the facility and of school personnel to staff the facility.

D.     Regulations

  1.  Free expression within the limits of the specific groups and activities authorized is permitted.
    1. The Centennial School District intends these regulations to be applied in a manner consistent with the Constitution.
    2. Use of school property for unauthorized commercial advertising by non- District sponsored groups is prohibited.
    3. Facilities may be used as a polling place pursuant to the election law.
  2. The user is responsible for the behavior of all participants and spectators attending an approved activity.
  3. In their official capacity, school officials shall be admitted to an activity at anytime at no cost.
  4. All user groups shall comply with all necessary governmental codes and regulations.
  5. There shall be no installation of equipment or alterations to existing facilities by the user without the prior written approval of the principal.
  6. Any and all decorations to be used must be fireproof and subject to the prior approval of school principal or building administrator.
    1. No open flame decorations shall be used anywhere in the building.
    2. No decorations shall be fastened to any walls, ceilings, light fixtures, and/or floors unless approved by the principal.
    3. Any and all decorations, furnishings and equipment shall be  installed and removed by the user under the direction and supervision of school staff,  and such removal (along with debris) must be completed immediately upon termination of the activity.
    4. No decorations, furnishings, or equipment shall be moved without direction and supervision of school staff.
  7. Drugs and/or alcohol are not permitted on school property at any time.
  8. Smoking is not permitted on school property at any time.
  9. No weapons are permitted on school property per Policy 7.19
  10. All apparatus, equipment and devices owned by the District shall be operated by a District employee, unless otherwise designated by the principal.  Kitchen equipment must be operated by a District food service employee.  If the user or its agent or employee operates school district apparatus, equipment or devices, the user assumes full responsibility for any damages notwithstanding the condition of school property.

E.      Supervision

The principal or designee shall conduct periodic checks to determine proper utilization of a school facility.  In the event that there are not sufficient participants, the principal may terminate the activity or require the group to share the facility.
Principals will report in writing all instances of facility abuse to the user,  Facilities Engineering & Services Director  and the Superintendent.
    1. All such users shall be responsible for reimbursing the Centennial School District for any and all damages to equipment and/or facilities, including any cost to collect reimbursement for those damages, that occur during the time that they are using such facilities and, when notified, will not be permitted further use until payment is made in full.
    2. If abuse of facility usage continues following a principal’s written notice, the principal must cancel the approval of facility usage.
    3.  Once usage of a facility is canceled due to abuse, the organization may re-apply under the following circumstances:
      1. a six-month waiting period shall occur prior to the filing of a new application
      2. a new application must be submitted
      3. the organization will specify, in writing, measures it intends to implement to rectify the previously identified problem.
Because of the nature of an activity, the principal shall arrange for necessary police protection and security to maintain order and protect school property. This shall be at the expense of the user and be projected in the operational charge.
The principal may assume charge of an activity at any time the building is being used by an organization or individual, if a serious problem is identified.
The user agrees to assume all responsibility for damage or theft.

III.       Determination of Charges for Facility Use 

A.     Category Three User

These groups shall be charged for:

  1. custodial services when custodians are not normally on duty
  2. special custodial or other school services, such as set-up for chairs, special arrangements considered to be above and beyond the normal services rendered
  3. air conditioning and heating costs
  4. William Tennent High School stadium
  5. Kitchen use requires food service staff on-site to operate equipment.  Applicant shall be responsible for payment of all costs.

B.     Category Four User

1.   Fee:  Applicable custodial and operational charges shall apply (see Section VI.A.) 2.   Use of any facility on Saturdays or holidays is subject to availability of school personnel to staff the facility.

C.     Waiver of Fee to Governmental Agencies (See Category Three, current fee schedule in VI.A .)

  1. Special requests may be made for use of School District facilities by governmental agencies located in the District
    1. The custodial and operational costs listed in this policy may be waived by the  District provided that:
      1. a written, formal application for facility use is submitted that includes a special request for operational costs fee waiver the application is received a minimum of 30 days prior to the requested facility use date
      2. the request for the facility shall be for use during normal operational hours. No admission is to be charged or donations requested.
      3. The activity is not considered to be partisan or political in nature.
      4. In the event that the 30 day timeline cannot be adhered to because of an emergency situation, the Superintendent may present the request directly to the Board President or Vice-President for immediate decision.
  2. This section specifically excludes the various recreational uses of School District facilities made by the Parks and Recreation Departments and sports clubs of the local townships and boroughs.

D.     Centennial Schools’ Student Groups and Organizations

Student groups (Category One User) conducting activities involving active student participation will not be charged operational costs.

IV.  Special Facility Use – Swimming Pools

A.  No swimming activity is to occur without a person holding a current Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Certificate in attendance.  Principals may require that a Centennial staff member holding proper certification be on duty for the activity, at the expense of the user.B.  District swimming pools are not heated between the closing of school in June and the opening of school in September.  Organizations requiring heated pools during the summer period must request heating on the Facility Use form and shall be charged for the heating costs.C.   Use of the swimming pools shall be limited to the following: 
    1. District/school/student groups
    2. PIAA Championship playoff contests
    3. Centennial resident youth athletic group championship contest
    4. Private/parochial schools located within District boundaries
    5. Other similar uses approved by the principal and facilities director

V.   Use of Stadium (All Weather Track and Field)

A.  Use of the stadium shall be limited to the following:
    1. District/school/student groups
    2. PIAA Championship/playoff contests
    3. Centennial resident youth athletic group championship contest 
    4. Private/parochial schools located within District boundaries 
    5. Other similar uses approved by the principal and facilities director
B.  Only participants wearing appropriate footwear may use the stadium.C.  Practices excluding track are subject to availability of the stadium and all provisions outlined on the Stadium Use Application (Attachment B).D.  Application (Attachment B) must be submitted a minimum of four weeks prior to the event.  Any exceptions must be approved by the Facilities Director.  If Board approval is required, a minimum of six weeks is needed.  In the event an application is submitted and a response is required prior to a Board meeting, the Board may be polled.E.   Applications are to be submitted to the Facilities Department with his/her recommendation.  The Facilities Department will notify the applicant of approval or denial no later than two weeks from the date of application. The waiver of fees provision of Policy 6.2 will not apply to stadium use. Fees for use of the stadium shall be posted on the District website.Applicants shall be required to use District personnel and only District personnel in the following capacities:  Stadium Supervisor, Ticket Takers, Ticket Sellers, Custodial services, and Stadium Security. Security must be provided at all stadium events at the prevailing rate charged by a contracted security firm of the District’s choosing.Concession stand personnel shall be limited to District appointed management and volunteers.  All proceeds from concession stand sales at any stadium event shall belong to Centennial School District.
VI.  Fee Schedules

A.   All fee schedules will be updated by administration and acted on by the Centennial School Board on an annual basis effective with the beginning of the fiscal year.  Current fee schedules are available from the facilities department. B.   For activities conducted during custodial non-working hours, the actual custodial time logged for the activity shall be charged.  This shall include set-up, activity and clean up.C.  Groups requesting use of District facilities may request that the Board of School Directors waive fees.  Waiver of fees shall be at the sole discretion of the Board of School Directors.D.  Waiver of fees will not apply to stadium use.

VII.   Concessions

    All concessions operate under Centennial School District Policy 6.8, Concessions.