Front Row:  L to R: David Shafter, Charles Kleinschmidt, Dr. David E. Baugh, Kati Driban
Back RowL to R: Michael Hartline, Mark B. Miller, Dana Morgan, Dr. Andrew Pollock, Jane Schrader Lynch, Steven Adams



Contact Number



Charles Kleinschmidt


(215) 674-3527



David Shafter

 Vice President

(215) 322-6594



Kati Driban

 Assistant Secretary (215) 357-5570



Steven A. Adams


(215) 396-7599



Michael Hartline  

(215) 550-3252

III 2017

Mark B. Miller


(267) 988-4226





(609) 290-1765


(267) 280-7215
Jane Schrader Lynch

(215) 672-6087

III 2017

Region I - Upper Southampton Township

Region II - Ivyland Borough and Warminster east of York Rd except the Speedway section

Region III - Warminster west of York Rd. plus the Speedway section

All residents are encouraged to attend School Board meetings and to become more involved in the decisions which affect you and our students.

The following is general information regarding the structure and operation of the Board of School Directors.  The Centennial School District Board of School Directors is composed of nine residents who serve overlapping, unpaid terms of four years each.

Functions of the School Board

  • Establishes and evaluates policies for the operation of the school.
  • Selects and employs a Superintendent
  • Approves a budget
  • Levies taxes as a means of raising revenue to support the educational program
  • Hires administrators, teachers, and other certified and service personnel upon the Superintendent’s recommendation
  • Establishes curriculum content within the legal limitations and prescribed courses of the Department of Education
  • Adopts textbooks upon administrative recommendation

The Superintendent’s Role

  • Serves as chief operating officer of the Board
  • Serves as professional adviser in all matters and recommends appropriate school policies for consideration
  • Implements and executes all policies adopted by the Board
  • Keeps the Board informed on needs, issues, problems, and operation of the School District
  • Provides leadership in planning, organizing, and administering the educational program
  • Provides leadership for the overall financial planning of the School District and for the preparation of the annual budget and its submittal to the Board for review and approval
  • Provides leadership in the development of a program of school/community relations
  • The Superintendent, is a non-voting tenth member of the Board, and is a conduit between the Board and employees of the District.

Community Comment

The Centennial School Board believes in and is committed to the principle that there should be resident participation at all School Board meetings.  The following guidelines govern resident participation:

Opportunities for community comment are provided at the beginning and end of each meeting.  Residents are also encouraged to speak briefly concerning any matter under discussion by the Board during the course of the meeting, when recognized by the Board President.The privilege to address the Board does not extend to non-residents.  If non-residents wish to bring an issue to the attention of the Board, they should write a letter to the President expressing their concern.  This letter will be distributed to all Board members in the Board Information Packet.

Speakers shall identify themselves by stating their name and address.
Presentation is limited to approximately two minutes per person.  Should any resident require more time, contact should be made with the Superintendent in advance of the meeting.