Free and Reduced Cost Meals

Families that have children attending a public school district can apply for free or reduced price school meals through the National School Lunch Program online using the Internet! This can be done using the COMPASS link. COMPASS allows Pennsylvanian's to apply for social service programs, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Energy Assistance, Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), etc., online. Families can use COMPASS to apply for free or reduced price school meals only, or they can apply for other services at the same time (SNAP, TANF, etc.). This link also has applications in different languages.
Please look at the brochure describing how to apply for Free or Reduced Price Meals at Centennial. This link also indicates the current income guidelines to see if you may be eligible.

You can apply for free or reduced price school meals online by going to the COMPASS website or you can continue to use the paper "Household Meal Benefit Application" if you prefer. If you apply for free or reduced price school meals through COMPASS, you do not need to submit a paper application. Paper applications are sent home with all students on the first day of school or can be accessed below.

Click here to download the paper form to apply for the Free and Reduced lunch program. (Seleccione este enlace para ver si usted califica para el almuerzo gratis o a precio reducido y para obtener la solicitud para el programa de almuerzo gratis o a precio reducido. Descargue aquí.) 

Applications must be submitted every year by Oct. 1st to continue on the program. If the application is approved, your child will begin to receive (or continue to receive) free or reduced price meals from the date of approval, for the remainder of the school year, and for the first month of the following school year. Students who received Free/Reduced meals last year will continue to receive those meals until new applications have been received and processed. Meals cannot be made retroactively Free/Reduced so it is important to return applications before the October cutoff date. Applications can be submitted at any time in the school year in case family financial pictures change. All information submitted to the school is kept confidential. Since meal transactions are computerized there is no discrimination or identification of free or reduced paying students, so all families are urged to consider this program.