Welcome to the Centennial School District's Transportation Site

      Centennial School District’s Transportation Department is committed to providing the students in Centennial School District safe passage to and from school.  Our team of bus drivers, mechanics, and office staff work tirelessly to ensure that routes are timely, efficient, and appropriate for our students.  We know that the trip to and from school is an important part of your child(ren)’s day.  Our drivers want to be a positive part of their experience.  We provide training for our drivers and dedicate time to monitoring our service to students and the community.  We are proud that many of our drivers have been with the district for many years and they stay because they care about our students.  Our transportation team routinely competes in bus competitions and they annually bring back awards and recognition.  Should you have any questions regarding the service we provide, we are happy to help our students and families.
      Transportation Office Hours: 5:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. - Monday through Friday

      Mr. Thomas Golden - Supervisor of Transportation
      GoldTo@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x11061
      Ms. Karen Rutkowsky - Dispatcher
      RutkKa@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x11061
      Ms. Carolyn Costa - Dispatcher
      CostCa@centennialsd.org     215-441-6000 x11062