• Pennsylvania Regions Choice Board Activities
    You must choose the boxes for at least 3 regions of Pennsylvania, and complete all of the activities and questions in each box on the answer sheets that will be provided. The center box map activity using a printed county map must be completed by everyone, in addition to your choice of 3 region boxes.   Your score for this project is also your choice:
    3 regions + map = 60 points 
    4 regions + map = 70 points
    5 regions + map = 80 points
    6 regions + map = 90 points
    7 regions + map = 100 points 
    8 regions + map = extra credit 
    You can access all of the activity web links from this online CHOICE BOARD ; you will also have a paper copy to cross off each box you complete.
    Here is an example of a Pennsylvania map color-coded by REGIONS ; you can use this to help you fill-in your map after you complete each region. You will need to add a color-coded key with region labels to your own map.
    Have fun exploring the Regions of Pennsylvania!