• Secondary Social Studies Vision Statement:

    All students will become responsible American and global citizens.  They will gain knowledge and skills through the disciplines of geography, history, economics, and civics. Students will effectively communicate and collaborate through writing and speaking, and be tolerant of other cultures, religions, and beliefs based on the history and geography of the environment they inhabit.   We study our past to better understand our present, while trying to create a better future. 

    Social Studies Department Chairs: 

    • Mrs. Cindy Wiegand - Klinger MS
    • Mrs. Brittany Ball - Log College MS
    • Mr. Joseph O'Connor - W. Tennent HS
  • Scope and Sequence:

    • S. Studies 6
    • S. Studies 7
    • S. Studies 8
    • U.S. History 
    • Global Studies 
    • Government and Public Policy