• KMS Update 12/6/17
    ASHRAE Technical FAQ-Click Here
    Klinger Middle School CO2 trend data-Click Here
    As discussed at Monday night's PTO meeting, please find the report from Reynolds as to CO2 readings in certain areas of Klinger (see graph's label). Said reading are from taken from a two-week period commencing November 7, 2017 to November 21, 2017. As such please post on Klinger's webpage.
    Please note several items of relevance when discussing CO2:
    • CO2, as are other indoor air quality testing measures, is measured against outdoor levels (report calls these base environmental levels). These outdoor levels typically range between 400 and 500 PPM. Therefore readings from a desk top CO2 monitor or from the CO2 data loggers (akin to what Reynolds used) are "additive" levels (base line plus add CO2 in an occupied setting).
    • Based on the additive function of CO2 (outdoor + indoor = recorded CO2 level), we are within ASHRAE's recommendation of 700 ppm above outdoor levels, or below the 1,100 - 1,200 ppm range.
    • CO2 levels, as per ASHRAE, are (1) not a "reliable indicator of overall building air quality"; (2) CO2 levels of 1,000 ppm (ASHRAE 62 - 1988) is a guideline for comfort acceptability and not a ceiling for air quality. (3) ASHRAE removed the reference to the 1,000 ppm when they revised their codes in 1999. They now reference  background (outdoor) levels. (4) Based on the attached Reynolds' report and ASHRAE Technical FAQ, the values depicted graphically fall within the ASHRAE Standards.