• Dear Parents and Guardians of Grade 8 Students,

    The faculty and administration of William Tennent High School (WTHS) are pleased to invite the class of 2023 to start thinking about their transition to high school!

    In order to ensure a smooth transition, we are inviting interested 8th graders to spend a day at WTHS shadowing one of our 9th graders.  We have an enthusiastic group of 9th grade ambassadors who are ready to host your child for the day, offer them a taste of high school, and answer any questions they may have!  During their visit, they will have the opportunity to meet some teachers and spend the day attending 9th grade classes. 

    Parents of interested students may receive more information or set up a visitation date by contacting Mrs. Diane Mueller, 9th grade house secretary, at 215-441-6181 ext. 12004. Tours will begin on Monday, March 4, 2019.


    Dennis H. Best, Ed.D.


    William Tennent High School