• Hello Willow Dale 5th grade Band/Orchestra Parents,

    This is your home base for your child's 5th grade instrumental music experience.

    As the year progresses, I hope to use this page and various GoogleDocs/Forms to share and request information. Check back often!

    What a wonderful year we had last year!!!  I was so proud of the progress we made as a group of 4th graders, and I'm excited for another year of amazing music making. 

    If your child played an instrument last year, we are going to try to pick up right where we left off. I hope to have a schedule planned out by the end of the first week of school so we can start the following week.  Check your child's bookbag for a letter!

    If you returned your child's instrument over the summer, please make sure you get another one AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 

    Students will receive one lesson per week.  The day of the lesson is the same (likely Tuesday or Friday), but the exact time of the lesson will change each week.  The time grid will be posted outside my room and in all fifth grade homerooms.



    Your child's first assignment is very simple: please practice the last bead song that was earned...plus the previous two beads' songs.  For instance, if you earned up tot he the light blue bead, your assignment is to practice the lime, green, and light blue bead songs. If you earned up to the Silver Bead, you need to play the Indigo, Violet and Silver beads for me. Easy assignment, right?

    Here is a copy of the bead assignments if you need it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AayUuGjq8E2JZ5l7zE4tzwqDvGGhT59-/view?usp=sharing

    if the link didn't work, try this

    Didn't play an instrument last year, but may be interested this year?  Just email me.


    Well that’s all for now. Let’s have a great year!


    Mr. Regosch