• TASKS (This is what a typical practice session should look like):



    Warm up your instrument, face and breathing muscles, or bowing and fingering skills for string players.

    For about 2-3 minutes, play simple songs from the lesson book or by playing a scale.



    Identify what song and what bead song or section of a band/orchestra song that needs the most work, focus on that for most of your practice time



    You can spend the last 2 minutes playing something from the concert/bead songs that you can already play well, for fun. Work on increasing the tempo (the speed).



    Log in your minutes on our practice log!  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfKyN7TAG5fX8jUkidY_AXaV_ObGu7QEYt1Hw62y3i37f6bVA/viewform 


    Third Grade Song sheet:



    4th  5th Bead Challenge: https://www.centennialsd.org/cms/lib/PA01001061/Centricity/Domain/569/bead%20challenge%20chart.pdf




    -Practice slow at first in small pieces with LOTS of repetition.

    -All music has a beat! Make sure you are feeling a steady beat/pulse when you practice. Tap your foot to help. You can use a metronome to help keep the beat while you play.  Google has one that pops up when you search: https://www.google.com/search?q=metronome

    -Go for quality work...it's better to spend 10-15 minutes on 4 measures that are giving you a challenge rather than try to play through a whole song without really knowing if it's right or wrong.

    -Band Students: If you forget a fingering for a note look it up in the fingering chart in the back of your Standard of Excellence lesson book.



    -Play your instrument for fun! Make stuff up! Try to make up a little melody using the notes you know.

    -Perform for a family member or a pet the music you've been working on. Fish make for a great audience!

    -Try to figure out the notes to a popular song (TV, radio, YouTube, tiktok, etc.)That you like.