• Bulldog Bones During the COVID-19 Closure

    Dear Parents/Guardians,  

    First of all, thank you so much for all that you are doing at home to support learning at home as we navigate this new “normal”! We know, and empathize, that it can be very challenging to have your child cooperate with distance learning while you are trying to balance everything that life is throwing at you right now.  Our School-wide Positive Behavior Committee (SWPBIS) has created a few resources that you may find helpful.

     As everyone knows, we follow the Four Be’s Plus One at McDonald.  Here is the Four Be’s plus One - Home Edition Matrix. Feel free to print and/or share it with your child to reinforce the expectations.

     Bulldog Matrix for Learning at Home

     We would like to give your child a chance to earn a Bulldog Bone at home by using the “Spike’s Super Student” sheet.  Every time your child is exhibiting one of the Four Be’s, your child can earn a point on the sheet. Once your child earns all twelve points on this sheet, students can earn a Bulldog Bone. If you are not able to print, feel free to create a simple tally sheet to log your child’s positive behaviors. Feel free to print or present the Bulldog Bone below to your child, and email Erin Landy at lander@centennialsd.org for a chance for your child’s name to be announced on the morning announcements.

     Spike's Super Student  

     Bulldog Bone PDF


    General SWPBIS Resources

    Supporting Families with PBIS at Home

    We value your feedback! Please reach out to obride@centennialsd.org and/or ledemi@centennialsd.org with any questions, concerns, or compliments for our School Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports team to assist with our future planning.