• Mrs. Goldstein's English Class Policy

    Updated August 2017





    Grades are assigned on a point system and averaged according to the William Tennent grading policy. Major grades such as writing or oral projects and tests are worth approximately 100 points each. Short writing assignments, short oral presentations, and quizzes are worth approximately 50 points. Classwork and homework assignments are worth approximately 10 points. Students are required to periodically check Skyward. This will eliminate unwelcome surprises at report card time and lets you see what may be needed to raise your grade to a desired level. You are also required to keep all work returned to you in your binder. Occasionally a student will have a question or complaint about an assigned grade. Appointments can be made with me to discuss grades at a time, which is mutually agreeable, usually after school. In this way, the class will not be kept waiting while one student confers with the teacher. As per Centennial’s latest grading policy, there is NO extra-credit.




    Homework is designed to reinforce classroom learning and to give students a head start in preparing students for the next day's lesson. Assignments are brief and directly related to the next day's activities. No credit is given for partially completed assignments. Occasional extra-credit opportunities are offered during which some homework assignment points may be made up, but, in general failure to complete homework assignments will have a significant negative effect on a student's average. Sometimes it is collected and graded. At other times it will be only spot checked and reviewed as a class.




    According to English Department Policy within 24 hours of a student’s return to school, the student should make contact with the teacher to arrange a deadline. The deadline for submitting homework will be no longer than 2 days. The deadline for submitting make-up projects/papers/tests/quizzes/performance assessments, etc. will be no longer than one week. **If the student does not make any contact or arrangement, a zero will be entered in Skyward within a week. **





    Each student is required to have a three ring binder where notes, journal, writing assignments, homework, practice exercises, handouts, and loose leaf are stored. It should be divided into sections for grammar, formal writing , vocabulary, journals, and  notes.  Writing equipment should include a writing folder, highlighter, ballpoint blue pen for most work and a different color pen for editing of formal writing assignments, as well as other individual needs. Students are also required to bring whatever novel or text is required for a particular unit. (An SSR book, for those times when you may finish an assignment early and moving ahead is not a good idea, is required) Permission to share, borrow, or return to a locker to replace forgotten items will not be given. Your ChromeBook is to be fully charged and in class every day.

     Unannounced checks for these materials occur occasionally, at which time students are given points for keeping orderly and up to date materials.



    Class Participation/Behavior


    Records of class participation are kept. Students are expected to arrive on time and use class time well. Everyone is expected to participate, in class discussions of literature and writing, either by answering or asking questions, or maintaining an environment where we can all hear what needs to be heard and hear ourselves think at all times. We will at times work in small groups as well as large ones, so that there will be opportunities for all to contribute. Students are expected to listen and respond respectfully to each other in discussions. Disrupting the learning environment will be met with disciplinary action.




    Plagiarism is presenting the words or ideas of another as one’s own. This is a serious offense, which will result in a failure ( 0 ) grade for any assignment in which it occurs. Always acknowledge sources of information you find and use quotation marks around words, which are lifted from any text. If it is obvious to me that a student has copied another's work, both students will receive the zero. You are responsible for protecting your own work.




    Drinks other than water must have lids.