• FYI Parents

    A Few Items for Parents
    • Every Study ever conducted on AP courses indicates that simply taking an AP  course improves college performance. Taking the test improves it again.
    • It is not a bad thing to struggle. It would be better to struggle here and move onto college better prepared than to move onto college without struggle.
    • I will not be able to comment on who should take the AP test until after the Midterm, that is more than enough time to prepare. Students will be clearly notified of my opinion in Feb. 2012 - It is only my opinion.
    • Every student should obtain a copy of a Prep Book for AP Euro it is helpful for more than just the test.
    • ALL AP testing is done once per year during the first two weeks in May. The Euro test is always on the afternoon of the first Friday - for next year that will be Friday May 4, 2012 at 12:30-4:30