Social work services are provided to students and their families to ensure support in the areas of mental health and various societal challenges faced by students.  As child advocates, school social workers assist school staff, families, and community agencies to identify and overcome problems creating barriers to learning.  At the center of these services, is the concern for each student’s emotional well-being.  Based on identified needs, families are guided to connect with community and mental-health agency resources.  Social workers support students during their transitioning back to school upon release from mental health facilities, and they provide guidance to school teams when there is a need to explore new or alternative programs to meet the needs of students in times of extreme crisis.  Within the Centennial schools, social work services extend to individual meetings with student and facilitation of groups, as needed and as identified by the principal.  Social workers are directly involved in the investigation of cases of suspected abuse/neglect, homelessness, residence verification, and cases of suspected drug/alcohol abuse.  They also collaborate with others in cases involving truancy, and they serve as the District’s liaison to the county’s juvenile court and probation agencies.