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    Dedicate a book for the

    Klinger Middle School Library

    Each book will have a bookplate inside with the person's name to whom the book is dedicated and a brief message from the donator.

    You may suggest a subject area that reflects the person's interests, and we will try to select an appropriate book.

    Great for holidays, birthdays, or "graduation" from Klinger!

    Contribution $20

    For more information, contact Mr. Fischer

    at 215-364-5950, ext. 13055
    Please fill out the information below, detach,
    and include with your payment.
    Send to: Klinger Middle School Library
    1415 Second Street Pike; Southampton, PA 18966

    Leave a Legacy

    Klinger Middle School Library

    Dedicated to (person's name)__________________________________________________________________________

    Donator's name _____________________________________________________________________________________

    Brief message______________________________________________________________________________________

    Subject area for book (optional)________________________________________________________________________

    Amount enclosed ($20 per book)_______________________________________________________________________

    (Checks payable to Klinger Middle School)

    *Please include additional information if purchasing in honor or memory of more than one person.