• globeCurrent Events will be shared every Friday. It will be assigned on a rotating basis. Students with last names who begin A-L will be assigned first. Students with last names beginning with M-Z will be next. All students will be assigned to complete approximately two Current Event Articles per month.
    Current Event Directions
    – It must be current- within the past week
    Students may use the newspaper, video, or a current website- Some links are provided below.
    – A 5-7 sentence summary must be included. Students should answer the 5 W's- Who, What, When, Where and Why. Students must also write something they learned or connected with OR why they chose their article.
    –The article and the summary must BOTH be stapled together and handed in. No credit will be received without the article.

    - In the event that you would like to share a video with the class, the link must be handed in at least a day in advance.