• buttonJourney Across Time ~ The Early Ages
    A “Student Center” is available at http://www.jat.glencoe.com/. The site enables students to view an online textbookversion of the textbook, practice vocabulary, take quizzes, link to current events and more. Students do have the opportunity to use this site at home, during Tutorial and in class when finished an assignment early. Arrangements can be made to use the site during lunch and after school.
    To access the online textbook, please use the username “JAT2005” and the password “8hu5rust”. No username or password is needed to use the study tools.
    To access the textbook,look on the left side of the page.Students will need to select the Unit and Chapter we are working in. Clink on the Link above to get to the Textbook.

    Examples of on-line activities are:

    • Chapter Overviews
    • Student Web Activities
    • Self-Check Quizzes
    • ePuzzles and Games
    • Vocabulary eFlashcards
    • Interactive Map