Music Programs

    The Music Department 



    Log College sponsors an outstanding and award winning music performance program.



    Ms Lenox - 6th Grade Band, 7th-8th Grade Band,Orchestra, Jazz Band and General Music
    Ms. Duchene -  Chorus, Select Chorus and Concert Choir



    Tips For Students

    Practice Tips

    • Have a set of goals for each practice session.
    • Look at each section before you play it for key signature, key, rhythms and notes.
    • Practice the parts you can't play first, then go through the whole composition.
    • Practice parts slowly the work them up to tempo.
    • During your practice session play some songs you enjoy.
    • Practice with a friend, you can help each other out.
    • Play for family or relatives, they'll love to hear you play.
    • The more you play the easier it will become, but sometimes it takes time.

    Information for You

    Music students traditionally score higher on academic achievement tests

    Music helps develop self- discipline, which helps support good study habits.

    Studying music can help in other academic areas such as math and reading.