• Welcome to the CSD Federal Programs section. 
    Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965 is the largest federally funded education program for both elementary and secondary schools. Federal Funds, administered by the state, are targeted to high poverty schools and districts, and are used to help school districts meet the educational needs of its children.  In addition, a portion of the Title I grant supports educational services for nonpublic students who reside in our district’s geographic area. 

    Centennial School District’s Title funds are used to finance supplemental educational services, in reading/language arts and math, to students in four (4) district schools:  McDonald, Willow Dale, Klinger, and Log College. Staff work with students in the regular classroom to ensure that they meet state academic standards. All instruction is aligned to the CSD district curriculum and local and state of PA standards.

    Title I and II funding also assists the district in meeting the needs of its professional and paraprofessional staff members. Title funds finance a portion of the professional development, instructional materials, supplies, and educational opportunities provided to its staff members. Title III fiunding assists the district in meeting the needs of our English Language Learners. 

    Title Program Contacts

    District & Building Federal Programs Contact Information 

    District Office

    • Director of Secondary Education and Federal Programs Coordinator: Joseph Rutz


    • McDonald Elementary: Ernesto Ortiz, Principal 
    • Willow Dale Elementary: Dr. Catherine Perkins, Principal 
    • Klinger Middle School: Martin Hayes, Principal
    • Log College Middle School: Pat Golderer, Principal