• Technology in our Secondary Schools

    The secondary schools of the Centennial School District view existing and emerging technologies as effective and necessary tools to enhance communication and productive capability of our students and staff.


    There are 5 labs in each middle school and the high school has 11.   
    New technologies are gradually being introduced into the classrooms.  One example is the Interactive Presentation Manager (IPM), which is an advanced interactive whiteboard accompanied with a projector.  In addition there are student response clickers, which are hand-held devices that help teachers interact with students during lectures.  Through interactive question-and-answer sessions, instructors can engage students in course material by providing instant visual feedback to the class. This allows the instructor to collect individual responses from an entire class of students at once and gauge student comprehension.   
    Our curriculum on every level has been enhanced with the use of technology increasing students skills each year.  Every student has access to computers with desktops and/or laptops in the classroom, laptops in mobile carts, computer labs and libraries.  More subject specific software is made available each year to help fully engage our students in the learning process.  
    Internet use has dramatically increased as a teaching tool and our district network has been enhanced to handle this increased demand.  Teachers are constantly learning new ways to incorporate technology in the classroom and the use of Webquests and educational websites has become the norm in our district.  With the use of network accounts our students are able to log in anywhere and save files to their building server.  A project begun the in the computer lab can be finished in the classroom if need be.