• Class Rules and Information



    Welcome to 8th grade science. This year we will explore many interesting topics. Eight grade science focuses on the basics of biology. The curriculum is aligned with the Centennial School District and Pennsylvania State Standards for Science, as well as the National Standards for Science Education.



    Covered Textbook, notebook, a three ring binder with a science section, pens (blue or black), pencils, colored pencils, lined paper and student agenda. Every day. All year.



    1.      Be on time and prepared for class.

    2.      Respect the people, material, equipment and furnishings in class.

    3.      Do your own work.

    4.      No food, drinks, gum or candy in the classroom.



    If you choose to break a rule during the week:

    1.      A warning either verbal or non-verbal (aka the stink eye) will be given.

    2.      If you choose to continue not following rules you will can expect to receive paragraphs and/or detention as well as

    For serious class disruptions students may be removed from the classroom and may be sent to the Assistant Principal’s office.



    1.      Turn in completed work and on time for full credit. Homework assignments are generally for review and very easy IF you use your resources (notes, textbook, hand-out, internet). Homework not turned in on time or that is incomplete receives no credit.

    2.      Poorly done work may be returned and must be re-done to receive credit.

    3.      The student is responsible for finding out what work was missed due to an excused absence. Work missed due to an excused absence, the student has two days to complete and turn in assignment. Special arrangements will be made if students have a lengthy excused absence.

    4.      Tests are to be made up within a reasonable time after an excused absence.



    Students will be assigned daily class work and will have homework on a weekly basis. Often, class work not finished during the day will be assigned for homework. There will be projects, section quizzes, chapter tests, a midterm and a final. Grades will be determined by the number of points earned in class divided by the total number of points possible.



    Your effort, attitude, and participation are the most important steps to your success in this class. Please do not be afraid to ask for help.