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    school materialsClassroom Materials
    Students are responsible for bringing the following supplies to class each day, unless told otherwise:
    1. Binder with designated English section or folder
    2. Spiral notebook or lined paper
    3. Writing utensils (blue/black pen, pencils, erasers) and a highlighter 
    4. Journal- this may be kept in the classroom (optional) or with the student
    5. SSR book- bring to all classes

                                                6. Assignment book- bring to all classes

                                                7. Flash drive (optional but recommended) can be used in all classes

                                                8. White out

    **Students are required to replenish their supplies throughout the year.
    Classroom Rules
    The classroom rules that all students must adhere to include the following: kids rules
    1. Listen carefully and follow directions.
    2. Bring all materials to class daily.
    3. Use appropriate language (i.e., no profanities or put downs).
    4. No gum chewing, food, or drinks.
    5. Respect others' personal space (i.e., no physical contact).
    6. Be honest to yourself and others.