Supplies an be purchased from Music and Arts Center, Deluca's Music or www.wwbw.com

    • Instrument in good working order.
    • Three ring binder (black) 
    • Music stand (For at home practice)
    • Metronome - for percussionists only (For at home practice)
    • Lesson book (Standard of Excellence) Book 1 & 2 *ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE A BOOK*
    • Tuner-woodwind and brass only. (For at home practice
    • Pencil- to be kept in binder or case
    • Subscription to Smartmusic. see www.smartmusic.com for further information on how to order.
    Brass players: valve oil, slide grease, slide oil
    Woodwind players: cork grease, supply of reeds, neck strap, REEDS: The best brands- Rico Royal (Blue Box) and Vandoren, Size 2 or 2½ or 3.
       Drum sticks Band (5B), Jazz Band (Bolero SD2)
       Timpani mallets (Vic Firth T1)
       Soft Yarn Mallets (Vic Firth M1 American Custom)
       Optional: Stick/Mallet Bag
    Mallet percussionists:
       Bell/xylophone mallets (should have come with your bell kit)- (Vic Firth M6)
       Vibraphone Mallets (Vic Firth M1 American Custom)
       Drum sticks (5B)
       Optional: Stick/Mallet Bag
    Percussion- Vic Firth sells complete sets of sticks and mallets

    EP2 Educational Pack- geared to a non-mallet player

    -                            SD2 drum sticks

    -                            Timpani mallets

    -                            Soft Yarn Mallets

    -                            Bell/xylophone mallets

    -                            Stick bag

    EP1 Educational Pack- geared towards the mallet player

    Drum sticks

    Vibraphone mallets

    Soft xylophone/bell mallets

    Stick bag