1. Prepared: Come to class prepared and ready to learn. 

    Tools for Success:

      • ChromeBook for notes
      • Stylus
      • Protractor and 6 in ruler for our geometry unit
      • Loose Leaf Paper for collected assignments
      • Plastic Folder for handouts
      • At least two pencils PLEASE NO PENS!
      • SSR Book
    1. Grading: All grades will be categorized into four areas, which are then weighted by percentage for the overall Marking Period Grade as shown below.

    Work Habits – 10%

    Classwork – 25%

    Quizzes - 30%

    Tests - 35%


    1. Assignments: Are graded based on skill level ranging from 10 to 5 points. Some assignments cover multiple skills and those assignments will be broken down in the Skyward by the title of the assignment and the skill.

    What It’s Worth

    10 points

    9 points

    8 points

    7 points

    6 points

    5 points

    What it means

    Shows mastery

    Approaching mastery

    Developing mastery

    Beginning to use skill

    Attempts to use the skill

    No evidence to grade

    What you do

    You use this skill accurately and consistently (all the time)

    You can use this skill accurately but need to be more consistent.

    You show some evidence of this skill, but its accuracy needs to improve.

    You are starting to use this skill, but it is still weak.

    You tried the assignment but are not showing the skill.

    You did not turn in the assignment.


    1. Late Assignments: Students have until the week before the end of the marking period to turn in any missing work.
    2. “Redo/Reassess”: Students can redo up to two skills a week for a higher score until the week before the close of the marking period. All redoes for quizzes and tests require an appointment with the teacher during tutorial or afterschool.
    3. Absences: When you are absent YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE to find out what you missed.  Your first step is to ask a classmate to copy their notes for the day(s) you were absent and to ask them what the homework assignment was the day(s) you were absent.  Gather your missing work during tutorial or between classes.  Teacher website is updated daily with current topics and assignments.
    4. Extra Help:  Extra help is after school by appointment.  Do not be afraid to ask for help.  The only way I can adapt the curriculum to meet your needs is when you show me that a topic is giving you difficulties.