• President(s):  Represents the entire Home & School at meetings and events and finalizes decisions involving the Home & School Association.  Sometimes there are two co-presidents.  Works closely with principal and his/her secretary regarding flyers, Back to School Night (speech), and Home & School information in the Principal’s Newsletter. 

    Vice President(s):  Manages a 6th grade event and a 7th grade event over the course of the year.  Takes over the President’s duties in his/her absence i.e. running the Home & School meetings. 

    Treasurer:  Manages the finances of the Home & School Association.  At the monthly meeting, presents the financial statement from the prior month.  After the financial statement is reviewed, a motion to accept the report is made and must be seconded.  If the report is not accepted, the finances should be audited. 

    Secretary:  Records the minutes of the monthly meetings.  Presents the minutes of the prior meeting.  Communicates via email to Home & School members any necessary information per Presidents agreement. 

    8th Grade:  Committee will coordinate the 8th grade dance held at the end of the year.  This will involve decoration, food/drinks coordination, and chaperone coordination as well as ordering and distributing of the 8th grade gift.  If there is an 8th grade Mixer/Orientation with Klinger Middle School, this committee also provides snacks and helps serve at the event held at William Tennent High School. 

    Box Tops:  Manages this fundraising effort. 

    Membership/Directory:  Coordinates the publication and distribution of the Directory which includes all families that sign up to be Home & School members and want their information in Directory.  Collects Membership money at Back to School Night and in Home & School mailbox.  Organizes formation and distribution of form given to parents at the beginning of the year.

     Field Day:  Coordinates snacks and volunteers for this end-of-year school-wide event run by the teachers. 

    Halloween/Winter Dances:  Committee coordinates two school-wide dances held in October and January/ February.  This will involve organizing entertainment, food/drinks, and decorations.  All profits benefit the Home & School Association.

     Hospitality:  Committee coordinates food for staff at various school functions throughout the school year. Recognizes staff members on various occasions such as Secretary’s Day and American Education Week.

     Ways and Means/Fund Raiser:  Committee coordinates the major fundraiser(s).  Coordinates secondary fundraisers such as Chick-Fil-A Nights.

    Concessions: Coordinate items to be sold and volunteers to sell concessions during concerts and other events throughout the year.

     Sunshine:  Send cards and/or gifts on behalf of Home & School Association, including illness and retirement of teachers.

     Library:  Assist in the library during the school day. Clearances required!