There's a lot of reading and writing going on at Willow Dale Elementary School.  Children are busy working with their classmates exploring new topics and ideas.  Guided reading lessons are going strong in the classroom. This is an exciting opportunity for students to read books that are specifically chosen according to their own instructional level.  Teachers guide their thinking as the children interact with the text.
                                              All students are tested in the Fall, Winter, and Spring with various reading probes to see if they are reading on grade level and interventions are provided to help students that are below grade level.  A team of teachers including the reading specialists, ESL teachers, and learning support teachers assist the classroom teacher during their literacy block.
                                             We have a Multi-Tiered System of Supports  (MTSS)  in our district this year.  The MTSS team consists of the homeroom teacher, the reading specialists, the MTSS teacher, the assistant principal and the parents/guardians.  If it becomes apparent that a student is in need of extra support in order to excel with their academic pursuits, the classroom teacher will begin various strategies and learning techniques to help the student. At this point the parent will be informed of what is taking place in the classroom and suggestions  will be given to the  parent as to how they can help their student.  If additional help is needed,  the reading specialist is contacted and a meeting is set up to create even more in-depth interventions over a six week period of time. -A learning goal is created and several strategies are brainstormed to help the student attain this goal.  Parents play an integral role in this process and are invited to the MTSS goal setting meeting as well as to the follow-up meeting to see if the student was able to attain the goal. We are looking forward to working closely as a team to assist every student.
                                                                                     As always, please make sure that your child reads every night and don't forget to ask them about the books they are reading.  Making connections to the books that they read helps them understand more deeply and develop good reading habits.  Keep books in your home. Remember having your child seeing you read is a marvelous motivator.  I encourage you to join your community library and visit it often.  Every day is a wonderful time for  your child to kick back and enjoy a good book.