• red ribbonRed Ribbon Week          E.C.
    October 22-26, 2018



    Red Ribbon Week was inspired by the life and work of Drug Enforcement Agency, Special Agent, Enrique Camarena. After earning a college degree in criminal justice and serving as both a U.S. Marine and police officer, Camarena joined the DEA so he could help fight illegal drugs. In 1985, while working undercover in Mexico, Camarena was kidnapped and killed by drug traffickers. The 37-year-old special agent was survived by his wife, Geneva, and their three children. Responding to his murder and the horrific effects of drugs on our society, citizens in Camarena’s hometown of Calexico, Calif., began wearing red ribbons. The trend took hold throughout the country and in 1988 Congress officially proclaimed the last week of October as Red Ribbon Week. Now every October, American children, parents, and educators unite to take a stand for a drug-free land!

                                                                  red ribbon week

    Check the school calendar and website for the Red Ribbon Week themes and events for this year!