•    Your Child Has PE on _____________

    The Physical Education program at Willow Dale offers a variety of activities and programs to meet each child’s physical, emotional and cognitive development. The classes focus on building individual skills, including physical fitness, as well as cooperation through team sports. Our younger students strengthen motor skills by learning new games and activities aimed at discovering the joy of movement. All children participate in many activities which offer locomotive and rhythmic challenges including movement and cooperative games, as well as sports lead-up games. The introduction to new kinds of PE and sports equipment develops gross and fine motor skills as well as spatial awareness. The PE staff stress safety, support for emerging and experienced athletes, and a balance between competition and good sportsmanship. Willow Dale is well equipped and fortunate to have many learning spaces for physical education inside our gymnasium and outside on the fields and playground. Fundamentals of soccer, basketball, volleyball, hockey and other team sports are taught in PE classes and reinforced throughout the school year. The school celebrates fitness and sportsmanship during Field Day, a school-wide culminating athletic event in the late Spring.

    At Willow Dale, we believe:

    • A developmentally appropriate and comprehensive experience in health and physical education is essential for meeting the diverse needs of all students revolving around movement;
    • A quality health and physical education program will foster the development of motor-skills, physical fitness, emotional strength, maturity, values, healthful decision-making and the pursuit of lifelong health and fitness;
    • Participation in a daily health and physical education is an integral and inseparable part of the total K-5 educational experience.
    • As a physical education specialist, I will continue to search for the best physical education materials and experiences, including lesson plans, equipment, ideas, and experienced, professional mentors to assist in making the program outstanding;
    • Ultimately, the goal of the program is to identify, address and support the individual health and fitness needs of all children while developing each child’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

    I ask for your assistance in helping go over the following rules with your child.

    #1.  Please make sure your child comes to class in Athletic Sneakers (Please try to avoid skate board shoes and fashion sneakers that have large heels) Please make sure they are also dressed in appropriate comfortable (to move around in) clothing to go outside during nice weather and to participate in the gymnasium.  Please try to avoid jewelry and large hanging earrings.

    #2.  RESPECT:

    * Yourself (By working hard and safely every day to improve your fitness level, follow directions)

    * Others (Always encourage, never put down, Help instead of laugh)

    *  Equipment (By using it for intended purposes)


    Ms. Jenkins