• 10 Important Fitness Skills:
    1. CRE (Cardio Respiratory Endurance)
    2. Strength
    3. Stamina
    4. Flexibility
    5. Speed
    6. Power
    7. Coordination
    8. Accuracy
    9. Agility
    10. Balance
         Numbers 1-4 are adaptations that are measurable in the composition of our body.  These skills are inherited, natural and organic.  The changes can be seen at a cellular level.
         Numbers 7-10 are considered the sport skills.  These are Nuerological adaptions that connect the brain and the body to move.
         The key skills are numbers 5-6.  These two skill sets ties in the body with nueroglogical to get the best movement from our body.
         When choosing fitness activities for class, I look to train the students in functional exercises.  These are the movements that our body is required to do on a daily basis.  Our bodies are constantly performing varied movements that are combined with other movements (not just one movement like traditional bench press, arm curls, etc.)We work on having proper form to complete these exercises to avoid injury. Once perfect form disappears as fatigue sets in, to avoid injuries, we need to stop working.  Working at a high level of intensity with proper form is what helps to bring the nuerological and body together for power and speed.  It looks different in each individual.