• General Information


    All absences require a note within 3 days of the absence.  Sometimes I prefer to teach the math before sending it home, depending on the topic.



    Your child is welcome to celebrate a birthday with our class. We have 22 students in our class.

    Birthdays are important to children, and we want your children to be acknowledged on their special day. Due to a number of allergies in the room, please send in only fruit, store purchased food that is certified nut free, or non-food items such as pencils, erasers, etc. Thank you in advance for helping keep our room a safe environment. 

    Napkins are always welcome. Summer birthdays may be celebrated at your convenience during the year, though they will be announced in June.


    ***PLEASE DO NOT SEND BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATIONS TO SCHOOL UNLESS THE ENTIRE CLASS IS INCLUDED. The result is tears and hurt feelings for those who are left out.


    Book Orders

    Book orders will be sent home in the Wednesday folder. Please make all checks payable to Scholastic Book Club. I encourage you to buy books for your child because this will provide books at your child's reading level. To order on line please go to my Scholastic Book Link.


    Halloween Parade

    Just a friendly reminder that our special event in October is the Halloween Parade. Students are encouraged to dress as characters from literature or other imaginative personalities. We avoid costumes that are violent or have an aggressive theme. Please keep this in mind when you shop for costumes.


    Home School Envelope

    Each Wednesday your child will have a “Wednesday Folder”. It will contain book order forms and various school notices. It is important that you return the envelope on the next school day so it can be refilled each week.



    Homework will be given in Math, Spelling and Reading. Willow Dale School Homework Policy includes weekend homework Reading and /or Math. The student assignment book will list the assignments. Please sign or initial it each night. The purpose of homework is to allow the child to practice what has been taught. Please do work as it is assigned, in small nightly chunks.


    HOMEWORK…Am I helping too much?

    All too often children come to parents with homework questions. Teachers are always appreciative of the assistance parents may give to help a child understand a concept that was presented in school.

    A direct answer to your child's question may be the quick solution, but it can set up a dynamic that teaches learned helplessness. Do you notice that your child is unable or unwilling to think on his/her own?

    Rather than tell the answer, first ask questions to lead the child to think on his/her own. Guided thinking may be all the child needs to move toward independence. Below are some examples that may be helpful.

    * What are the directions?

    * What do they want you to find out?

    * Is there a clue word to help you know that?

    * Help the student find a strategy to solve the problem. (ex. When you are stuck re-read the question.)


    Lunch Money

    In 3rd grade, lunch money is sent to the cafeteria in the morning.  Please use a zip-lock bag or an envelope with the child's name.  You also may pay for lunch in advance in the cafeteria by the week or month. 



    We will have snack everyday in the afternoon. It is important that you send something for your student to eat because we have first lunch. They get hungry and will work better with a healthy snack. Fruit, veggie sticks, pretzels, cheerios and other low fat and low sugar choices are popular.

    This letter is to inform you that a student in your child’s classroom has a severe food allergy to peanuts/nuts. It is important that there is strict avoidance to this food in order to prevent a life-threatening allergic reaction. We are asking your help to provide the student with a safe school environment. Any exposure to peanuts/nuts may cause a life-threatening allergic reaction that requires emergency medical treatment. To reduce the chance of this occurring, we are asking that you do not send any peanut or nut containing products to school with your child that will be eaten in the classroom. If your child has eaten peanuts/nuts before coming to school, please be sure your child’s hands and face have been thoroughly washed before entering the school.


    Teacher Availability

    I am available before school, as well as after school. I would be delighted to meet with you to discuss any concerns that you may have. You may call the office, email me at RiccLi@centennialsd.org, or send a note to arrange a mutually convenient time. Please be aware that at 8:25 children begin to arrive and it is difficult to give you my complete attention. Arranging a time to talk when I do not have students will allow me to concentrate on your needs and those of your child.


    Weekend Reading

    Centennial School district monitors student reading to fulfill the reading standard. We will assign reading homework every day, all year.  Please have your child read for at least 20 minutes every day as this is to encourage a lifetime habit of reading.


    Instructional Program

    Journeys is a complete reading/Language Arts program K-5. The program balances high quality literature with an emphasis on skill instruction in comprehension, phonics grammar and writing. There are also leveled books for guided reading.

    Language The primary goal of Centennial’s Literacy program is to develop independent, fluent, and enthusiastic readers and writers.  Students will actively engage in reading, writing, speaking, listening, thinking, and technology in a balanced literacy framework comprised of the following essential components:


    • Phonemic Awareness
    • Phonics
    • Fluency
    • Vocabulary
    • Comprehension
    • Writing
    • Spelling
    • Handwriting


    Spelling Journeys


    Math Eureka Math    
     Grade 3-
     There are 7 modules in 3rd grade.  These modules include multiplication and division, fractions, and geometry.
    Handwriting Zaner-Bloser. Children will practice cursive with an emphasis on letter form and legibility.


    Science: The inquiry-based FOSS program includes:

     Grade 3 -

    • (1) Living Systems
    • (2) Water and Climate 


    Social Centennial Social Studies Units for Third Grade Social Studies units include:

    • North America
    • United States of America
    • Mexico
    • Canada
    • Caribbean
    Tips for Success

    · Daily reading will make your student a better reader. We get better at something through practice. The way to practice reading is to read. (Third Graders also love to be read too!)

    · When children know their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division math facts very well, math will seem easier. This is because they are not trying to cope with learning a new math concept while trying to count up or down. Practice with flash cards, games, silly math songs.  If students can count the 12 multiples in any table, they will have an easy time with multiplication, division and fractions.

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