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    About the Library
    The Leary Library houses over 10,000 titles in a variety of formats: fiction and nonfiction books, magazines, videos, audio books, reference materials and teacher resources. We have 20 computers for student and faculty access to the Library catalog (Destiny Quest), online resources provided by Centennial school district and Access PA POWER Library, as well as the worldwide web. Library lessons are presented in a classroom area equipped with an interactive whiteboard and projector or in a storytime setting. Mrs. Zucker, our Teacher-Librarian, is assisted by a dedicated staff of parent volunteers.

    Centennial School District
    School Library Media Program Philosophy Statement 

    “Knowledge is of two kinds.
    We know a subject ourselves, or we know where to find information upon it.”
    Samuel Johnson 1775
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    “An informed society requires the establishment and maintenance of libraries. A knowledgeable society requires skills to interpret and use information for the development of life-long reading skills. Promoting and extending reading beyond the curriculum and the development of information processing skills are the major goals of every library media program. The library media center is a critical resource in providing informational and recreational materials and services related to information management.

    "The essential elements of a quality program include staff, materials and resources, planned library media curriculum, budget, facilities, and administrative support. School library media professionals offer leadership in the areas of accessing information, teaching information-management skills, producing and adapting media, and developing curriculum.

    "Our children live in the information age. A primary objective of education is to learn how to identify, locate, organize, and present needed information in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner. As technologies change, students need to develop skills to manage complex information formats. The school library media program, as an integral part of the total curriculum, is the vehicle that provides opportunities for students to achieve these skills and to foster life-long interest in knowledge. Each student, therefore, should have access to an effective, integrated school library media program that reflects the curriculum and the needs of the school community.”
                       ~Janet French, Centennial School District, Library Media Program Coordinator, Emeritus

    Information literacy skills should be integrated throughout the entire K-12 curriculum. The integrated approach allows students to develop information literacy skills as a need for these skills naturally emerges from the curriculum (Tool Kit). Therefore, the assessment of these skills is embedded in the content areas.
    The School Library Media Program is an integral part in helping students attain Pennsylvania Academic Content Standards (PA Guidelines). Research shows PSSA Reading Scores are linked directly to school library staffing, information technology and integrating information literacy (Measuring up to Standards).
    As program administrator, information specialist, teacher, and instructional partner, the teacher-librarian is the essential link who connects the educational community with the information resources they need (Information Power).
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