• Author  Title  Grade 
    Ada, Alma Flor Jordi's Star 3
    Ada, Alma Flor Malachite Palace 3
    Adler, David Cam Jansen and the Mystery at the Monkey House 3
    Adler, David Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Gold Coins 3
    Adler, David Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds 3
    Adler, David Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the UFO 3
    Adler, David Onion Sundaes 3
    Adler, David Wacky Jacks 3
    Baker, Barbara Third Grade is Terrible 3
    Barrett, Judi Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 3
    Berenstain, Stan and Jan PictOld
    Berenstain Bear chapter books
    Bernstein Hurwitz, Johanna Adventures of Ali Baba 3
    Blood, Charles; Martin Link Goat in the Rug 3
    Blume, Judy Freckle Juice 3
    Brown, Jeff Stanley Flat Again 3
    Brusca, Maria Cristina On the Pampas 3
    Bulla, Clyde Robert Chalk Box Kid 3
    Cameron, Ann Julian's Glorious Summer 3
    Cameron, Ann Stories Julian Tells 3
    Carle, Eric Eric Carle’s Animals Animals 3
    Catling, Patrick Chocolate Touch 3
    Cherry, Lynne Great Kapok Tree, The 3
    Chesworth, Michael Archibald Frisby 3
    Christelow, Eileen What Do Authors Do?  3
    Christopher, Matt Centerfield Ballhawk 3
    Christopher, Matt Kick It 3
    Christopher, Matt Nothin But Net 3
    Christopher, Matt Switch Play 3
    Christopher, Matt Comeback Challenge, The 3
    Cleary, Beverly Henry Huggins 3
    Cleary, Beverly Ralph S. Mouse 3
    Cleary, Beverly Ramona Forever  3
    Cleary, Beverly Ramona Quimby, Age 8 3
    Cole, Joanna Magic School Bus Inside a Hurricane 3
    Cole, Joanna Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System 3
    Conford, Ellen Case for Jenny Archer, A 3
    Coombs, Patricia Dorrie and the Witches’ Camp 3
    Cooney, Barbara Miss Rumphius 3
    Cosby, Bill Treasure Hunt 3
    Coville, Bruce Dragon of Doom 3
    Coville, Bruce and Katherine Space Brat 3
    Cowcher, Helen Rain Forest 3
    Cox, Judy Mean, Mean Maureen Green 3
    Dagliesh, Alice Courage of Sarah Noble 3
    Dahl, Roald Enormous Crocodile 3
    Dahl, Roald Fantastic Mr. Fox 3
    Danzinger, Paula Amber Brown (series) 3
    Davidson, Margaret Helen Keller 3
    DePaola, Tomie Indian Paintbrush 3
    DePaola, Tomie Legend of the Blue Bonnet 3
    Dooley, Norah Everybody Bakes Bread 3
    Duffey, Betsy How to be Cool in the Third Grade 3
    Duffey, Betsy Math Wiz 3
    Enderle, Judith Ross; Tessler, S. Nell Nugget and the Cow Caper 3
    Etra, Jonathan; Spinner, Stephanie Aliens for Breakfast 3
    Etra, Jonathan; Spinner, Stephanie Aliens for Lunch 3
    Florian, Douglas Beast Feast 3
    Florian, Douglas Insectlopedia 3
    Flournoy, Valerie Patchwork Quilt 3
    Foreman, Michael Seal Surfer 3
    Fowler, Allan So That's How the Moon Changes Shape! 3
    Gardiner, John Stone Fox 3
    George, Jean Craighead Look to the North 3
    Gibbons, Gail Fire! Fire! 3
    Giff, Patricia Reilly Kids of the Polk Street School, The (series) 3
    Haddix, Margaret Peterson Say What 3
    Hesse, Karen Lester's Dog 3
    Hill, Lee Sullivan Farms Feed the World 3
    Hinter, Parker C. Clue, Jr. (series) 3
    Honeycutt, Natalie All New Jonah Twist, The 3
    Hopkins, Lee April, Bubbles, Chocolate 3
    Hopkins, Lee Good Books, Good Times! 3
    Hopkins, Lee Small Talk 3
    Howard, Elizabeth Fitzgerald Papa Tells Chita a Story 3
    Howe, James Bud Barkin, Private Eye 3
    Hurwitz, Johanna Class Clown 3
    Hurwitz, Johanna Elisa Michaels, Bigger and Better 3
    King-Smith, Dick Nine Lives of Aristotle 3
    Kline, Suzy Horrible Harry (series) 3
    Krensky, Stephen Children of the Earth and Sky 3
    Lattimore, Deborah Nourse Frida Maria 3
    Levete, Sarah Making Friends 3
    Locker, Thomas Water Dance 3
    Lowell, Susan Tortoise and the Jackrabbit 3
    Manes, Stephen Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days 3
    Martin Link;  Blood, Charles Goat in the Rug 3
    Martin, Bill Knots on a Counting Rope 3
    McDonald, Megan Judy Moody Series 3
    McMillan, Bruce My Horse of the North 3
    Miles, Miska Annie and the Old One 3
    Mora, Pat Tomas and the Library Lady 3
    O’Neill, Mary Hailstones and Halibut Bones 3
    Osborne, Mary Pope Magic Tree House Series 3
    Osborne, Mary Pope Tales from the Odyssey Series 3
    Park, Barbara Junie B. Jones series 3
    Patterson, Dr. Francine Koko's Kitten 3
    Peterson, John Littles 3
    Pinkney, Brian Thumbelina 3
    Pinkney, Gloria Jean Back Home 3
    Polacco, Patricia Appelemando's Dreams 3
    Polacco, Patricia Bee Tree, The 3
    Polacco, Patricia The Graves Family 3
    Polacco, Patricia Thank You, Mr. Falker 3
    Polacco, Patricia Thunder Cake 3
    Preller, James Jigsaw Jones (series) 3
    Prelutsky, Jack A.Nonny Mouse Writes Again! 3
    Prelutsky, Jack Beneath a Blue Umbrella 3
    Prelutsky, Jack For Laughing Out Loud 3
    Prelutsky, Jack For Laughing Out Louder 3
    Prelutsky, Jack Ride a Purple Pelican 3
    Roop, Peter Ahyoka and the Talking Leaves 3
    Roop, Peter Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie 3
    Rosa-Casanova, Sylvia Mama Provi and the Pot of Rice 3
    Sachar, Louis Marvin Redpost (series) 3
    Scheffler, Ursel Return of Rinaldo the Sly Fox, The 3
    Scheffler, Ursel Spy in the Attic, The 3
    Scieszka, John Frog Prince Continued, The 3
    Scieszka, Jon Stinky Cheese Man, The 3
    Scieszka, Jon Time Warp Trio, The (series) 3
    Shreve, Steve Flunking of Joshua T. Bates 3
    Silverstein, Shel Falling Up 3
    Silverstein, Shel Light in the Attic, A 3
    Slote, Alfred Make-Believe Ball Player 3
    Smith, Janice Monster in the Third Dresser Drawer 3
    Souci, Robert Talking Eggs San 3
    Spinelli, Eileen Lizzie Logan (series) 3
    Spinner, Stephanie; Etra, Jonathan Aliens for Breakfast 3
    Spinner, Stephanie; Etra, Jonathan Aliens for Lunch 3
    Steptoe, John Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters 3
    Stolz, Mary Belling the Tiger 3
    Stolz, Mary Mystery of the Woods, The 3
    Supraner, Robyn Sam Sunday & the Mystery @ the Ocean Beach Hotel 3
    VanLaan, Nancy Rainbow Crow 3
    VanLeeuwen, Jean Pioneer Daughters (series) 3
    Various authors American Girl, An (series) 3
    Warner, Gertrude Chandler Boxcar Children (series) 3
    Wheeler, Lisa Old Cricket 3
    Whelan, Gloria Night of the Full Moon 3
    Whelan, Gloria Silver 3
    Williams, Margery Velveteen Rabbit, The 3
    Williams, Suzanne Library Lil 3
    Wohl, Lauren L. Christopher Davis’s Best Year Yet 3
    Wojciechowski, Susan Beany and the Magic Crystal 3
    Yolen, Jane How Beastly! 3
    Yolen, Jane Welcome to the Green House 3
    York, Carol Christmas Dolls, The 3
    York, Carol Miss Know It All (series) 3
    York, Carol Pudmuddles 3