• In Centennial School District, we enthusiastically encourage our students to read in and out of school all year long.  As a learning community, we endorse the Pennsylvania Department of Education's recommendation that elementary children read at least 25 books a year.  We have included authors, titles, and series on this list that will appeal to your child.    
    Please encourage your child’s non-fiction passions by guiding him or her to books on a favorite topic.  Wide reading about true things helps create minds that are open and prepared for inquiry in science and social studies.  Poetry gives children access to exquisite language, and biographies inspire and help us to understand the world around us.  Fiction fires the imagination and engenders a life-long love of reading.  
    While it is important that your child read some books independently, it is essential that you continue to read with your child throughout elementary school. As an adult reader, you can model thinking strategies, demonstrate reading with fluency and expression, introduce new words and ideas, and help your child make connections between books and the world.   Teachers, reading specialists, teacher-librarians, and public librarians are all at your service in determining the very best books to share with your child.  
    Author  Title  CAT
    Bridges, Ruby* Through My Eyes B
    Engle, Trudie* We'll Never Forget You, Roberto Clemente B
    Garrett, Leslie* The Story of Muhammad Ali B
    Meachen Rau, Dana* Marie Curie B
    Ward, Stasia Meet Beverly Cleary** B
    Blume, Judy* Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing F
    Cleary, Beverly  Ramona's World** F
    Dahl, Roald* The BFG F
    Dangizer, Paula Amber Brown is Green With Envy** F
    DiTerlizzi, Tony Spiderwick  Chronicles** F
    Gutman, Dan Million Dollar Kick** F
    Hale, Bruce Chet Gecko: Murder My Tweet** F
    Howe, James Bunnicula** F
    King-Smith, Dick* Mouse Called Wolf F
    Naidoo, Beverly Journey to Jo'burg F
    Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Shiloh** F
    Osborne, Mary Pope Tales From the Odyssey** F
    Goble, Paul Iktomi and the Boulder F
    Peck, Robert Newton Soup** F
    Robinson, Barbara Park Best School Year Ever** F
    Scieszka, Jon Time Warp Trio  2095** F
    Selden, George Cricket in Times Square** F
    Seuling, Barbara Robert and the Weird and Wacky Facts** F
    Smith, Robert* Chocolate Fever F
    Sobol, Donald Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Disgusting Sneakers** F
    Taylor, Mildred Song of the Trees* F
    Warner, Gertrude Boxcar Children** F
    White, E.B.* Charlotte's Web F
    Wilder, Laura Ingalls* Little House on the Prairie F
    Winkler, Henry Hank Zipzer Day of the Iguana** F
    Winthrop, Nancy The Castle in the Attic** F
    Hamilton, Virginia* The People Could Fly the Picture Book FOLK
    Kimmel, Eric Anansi and the Talking Melon** FOLK
    Lester, Julius John Henry FOLK
    Morin, Paul Animal Dreaming FOLK
    McNaughton, Colin Making Friends with Frankenstein P
    Prelutsky, Jack* It's Raining Pigs and Noodles P
    Silverstein, Shel* A Light in the Attic P
    Bartholomew, Alan Electric Mischief: Battery-Powered Gadgets Kids Can Build S
    Gibbons, Gail* The Moon Book S
    Lasky, Kathryn The Librarian Who Measured the Earth S
    Leedy, Loreen Measuring Penny S
    Seuling, Barbara  Flick a Switch: How Electricity Gets to Your Home   S
    Vogt, Gregory The Sun** S
    Davis, Kevin Look What Came From Australia SS
    Harvey, Miles Look What Came From Africa SS
    Leedy, Loreen Celebrate the 50 States SS