Using Your Library


    Circulation Policies and Procedures
    The library is open throughout the school day for classes, research, and book exchange. Students visit each cycle with their class for a library lesson and book check-out.  With teacher permission, children are welcome to exchange books throughout the day.
    Books are checked out for one week and may
    be renewed.  Check-out limits for each grade:
    • Kindergarten - 1 book                                                                                                              
    • First grade - 1 books
    • Second grade - 2 books                                                                    
    • Third grade - 3 books
    • Fourth grade - 5 books
    • Fifth grade - 5 books
    Students who lose, damage, or forget to return a book will not be permitted to take out another book until that one is returned or a replacement fee is paid. There are no fines for late books.  
    Please encourage your child to keep their library books in the plastic bag they are given at the beginning of the school year.  Be sure to keep library books in a safe, clean, dry place so all our books are returned in good condition for others to enjoy!
    Forgetting books and "Oops" slips
    Students are given an "Oops" slip when they forget their library book(s) on the day they have Library.  An "Oops" slip is a reminder for students and families to look for a book and return it to the library.  Depending on a student's grade level, and the number of books they are allowed to borrow, a student may miss the opportunity to borrow a new book if a book was not returned.  An "Oops" slip will have the word "Overdue" written on it, if the book has not been returned for more than 2 class cycles.
    Lost or damaged books
    Students who lose or damage a book should talk to Mrs. McNulty.
    Destiny Discover
    Beginning in second grade, students are instructed in the use of our online library catalog, "Destiny Discover" to search for books.