Centennial School District School Buses Powered by Clean Propane Important Facts:

      ✓ We currently have 18 propane buses, which the State has reimbursed the District $92,000.

      ✓ We have our own 18,000 gallon propane fueling station, which the State has reimbursed the District $292,338. ✓ We save approximately $670 weekly compared to using all diesel buses.

      ✓ Approximately 833 less gallons of diesel used per week. ✓ We saved approximately $31,000 in the 2018- 19 school year by converting to propane buses.

      ✓ Estimated savings to date on maintenance and repairs is $4,200.

      ✓ Our propane buses on average cost $0.19 per mile to operate when its diesel counterpart is approximately $0.80 per mile.

      ✓ Safer for Everyone – Our propane buses run quieter and do not emit diesel fumes and exhaust. ✓ Our propane comes from American sources.