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    for Mrs. LaRose's Presentation from April 15, 2009

    Internet Safety

    Kids are growing up in an online world. The computer and other technology is part of their everyday lives. We teach kids to be safe when they cross the street or not to talk to strangers. It is just as important to teach kids safety using the internet. 

    Here are some tips to protect your child online:

    • Talk with your child about the dangers of the internet
    • Keep your personal information safe
    • Whatever you post online makes a digital footprint
    • You don’t always know who is on the other end of the computer
    • Go online together
    • Help your child develop usernames that do not reveal their identity or any personal information (name, age, gender, etc)
    • Know what sites your child is visiting online and visit them together so you can see how they navigate through the internet
    • Check the webpage history and make sure your child isn’t clearing it
    • Rules and Guidelines
    • Develop clear computer use rules in your home
    • Set time limits (time of day and duration of use)
      Note: Most inappropriate chatting occurs between 3:00p.m. and 6:00p.m. when kids are unsupervised
    • Avoid chatting with strangers
    • Must report to a parent any inappropriate messages or sites
    • Create a computer use contract for your whole family
    • Monitor computer use
    • Put your computer in a common area in your home (NEVER in a bedroom or unsupervised area)
    • Visit websites your child has viewed
    • Become familiar with how to navigate the internet
    • Monitor cell phone use including calls, texts, and pictures











      www.pbs.org - Click on Frontline to watch a video called Growing Up Online (approx. 60 minutes - for adults)