• lunch bunch

    Lunch Bunch

    Counseling groups, known as lunch bunch, will be held throughout the school year. These groups are typically once per week for 6-8 weeks during students' lunch time in my office. Groups will be limited to 3-6 students at any time. We will have discussion and activities at each session.

    Parents, teachers, or another staff member may refer a student for a lunch bunch. Parent permission is required. Groups are scheduled based on student need and scheduling throughout the school year. If you are interested in your child participating or have questions, please contact me.

    Some group topics include:

    • Temper Tamers - (Anger/Stress Management - coping skills and conflict resolution)
    • F.I.S.H. - Families in Separate Homes (divorce, step-families, etc.)
    • School Success (classroom behaviors, participation in class, study skills)
    • Grief (loss of a family member, friend, or pet)
    • Mirror Mirror  (self-esteem and developing a healthy self-concept)
    • Worry Warriors (stress management)
    • Friendship (making and keeping friends, getting along with peers, sharing, taking turns)