• William Tennent High School Debate Team

    The William Tennent High School debate team participants in tournaments sponsored by or affiliated with the Southeastern Pennsylvania Debate League (SPDL), Philadelphia Catholic Forensic League (PCFL), Pennsylvania High School Speech League (PHSSL), National Catholic Forensic League (NCFL) and National Forensic League (NFL).

    We are always pursuing interested students to join the team. We compete nearly the entire school year, easily allowing students to work around other pursuits, such as athletics.
    To join the debate team, please contact volunteer coach Chris Berdnik at berdch@centennialsd.org.  

    Our Results 
    Coolidge Debates, Mineola, NYOpenMay 22, 2017
    Ethan Knox2ndLincoln-Douglas
    Reagan Debates, NE Regional in NYOpenMay 15, 2017 
    Ethan Knox SemifinalistGreat Communicator
    Southern Lehigh InvitationalOpenApril 29, 2017
    Ethan Knox1st Lincoln-Douglas 
    Bucks County Big QuestionsOpen  April 20 & 24, 2017
    Ethan Knox 2ndVarsity BQ Debate
    Nick Simila 1st JV BQ Debate  
    Cailean Cavanaugh3rdJV BQ Debate   
    Thomas Ford5thJV BQ Debate  
    JV FinalsPCFLApril 1, 2017
    Cailean Cavanaugh & Nick Simila 1stJV Policy Debate
    Lars Midthassel 6thJV Lincoln-Douglas
    Thomas Ford8thJV Student Congress
    Big Questions at UnionvilleOpenMarch 31, 2017
    Nick Simila2ndJV BQ Debate 
    Big Questions at Strath HavenOpenMarch 28, 2017
    Ethan Knox2ndVarsity BQ Debate
    Nick Simila1stJV BQ Debate
    State ChampionshipPHSSLMarch 17-18, 2017
    Cailean Cavanaugh & Nick Simila QuarterfinalistPolicy Debate
    Ellyes AdnaneQuarterfinalist Impromptu
    Varsity Finals/National QualifierPCFLMarch 4, 2017
    Ethan KnoxNat'l Qualifier Lincoln-Douglas
    Cailean Cavanaugh & Nick Simila7th/8th Policy Debate
    Lars Midthassel9th/10thLincoln-Douglas
    District 12 State Qualifier PHSSLFebruary 25, 2017
    Cailean Cavanaugh & Nick Simila1stPolicy Debate
    Lars Midthassel & Thomas Ford2ndPolicy Debate
    Ethan Knox2ndLincoln-Douglas
    Perkiomen ValleyPCFLFebruary 18, 2017
    Ethan Knox1stVarsity Lincoln-Douglas  
    Cailean Cavanaugh & Nick Simila 2ndVarsity Policy Debate
    Elyanor Adnane4thJV Student Congress
    SPDL Playoffs, Round 2 SPDLFebruary 15, 2017 
    Cailean Cavanaugh & Nick Simila 1stPolicy Debate 
    SPDL Playoffs, Round 1SPDLFebruary 8, 2017
    Ethan Knox OctofinalistLincoln-Douglas  
    Pennsbury Falcon Invitational OpenFebruary 3-4, 2017
    Ellyes Adnane 2nd Radio Announcing
    Cailean Cavanaugh 4th Radio Announcing 
    Nick Simila8thRadio Announcing 
    Ethan KnoxCut-on-points Varsity Lincoln-Douglas  
    Downingtown East PCFL January 27, 2017
    Ethan Knox 1st Varsity Lincoln-Douglas  
    Cailean Cavanaugh & Nick Simila 1st JV Policy Debate 
    EL Meyers, Wilkes-Barre, PAOpenJanuary 21, 2017
    Ethan Knox1stVarsity Lincoln-Douglas 
    Ethan Knox1stVLD Speaker Award
    Cailean Cavanaugh & Lars Midthassel 1st JV Policy Debate
    Elyanor Adnane 3rdMLK Original Oratory 
    Ellyes Adnane3rdMLK Original Poetry
    Ellyes Adnane6th MLK Commentary
    Freehold Township, NJOpenJanuary 14, 2017
    Ethan Knox5th Varsity Lincoln-Douglas 
    Nick Simila5thNovice Lincoln-Douglas
    Hunterdon Central, NJOpenJanuary 7, 2017
    Cailean Cavanaugh2ndNovice Lincoln-Douglas
    Council Rock NorthPCFLDecember 16, 2016
    Cailean Cavanaugh & Nick Simila1st JV Policy Debate
    Ethan Knox2ndVarsity Lincoln-Douglas
    Andre Roberson3rd JV Lincoln-Douglas
    Lars Midthassel5thJV Lincoln-Douglas 
    La Salle College HSOpenDecember 10, 2016
    Ethan KnoxSemifinalistVarsity Lincoln-Douglas
    Lars Midthassel Semifinalist JV Lincoln-Douglas 
    Cailean Cavanaugh & Nick Simila Semifinalist JV Policy Debate 
    Randolph, NJOpenNovember 19, 2016
    Ethan Knox 6th Varsity Lincoln-Douglas 
    Lars Midthassel  7thJV Lincoln-Douglas  
    Dallastown Open November 12, 2016 
    Ethan KnoxSemifinalist Varsity Lincoln-Douglas 
    Lars Midthassel Semifinalist JV Lincoln-Douglas  
    Nick Simila 1st Program Oral Interpretation
    Cailean Cavanaugh 2nd Program Oral Interpretation 
    Central PCFL November 10, 2016 
    Ethan Knox 1st Varsity Lincoln-Douglas  
    Cailean Cavanaugh & Nick Simila  1st JV Policy Debate  
    William Tennent Open November 5, 2016 
    Ethan Knox  1st JV Lincoln-Douglas   
    Ethan Knox 2nd Speaker JV Lincoln-Douglas    
    Lars Midthassel   Semifinalist   JV Lincoln-Douglas 
    Cailean Cavanaugh & Nick Simila  2nd JV Policy Debate 
    Nick Simila 2nd Speaker JV Policy Debate  
    Cailean Cavanaugh 3rd Speaker JV Policy Debate  
    UnionvillePCFL October 29, 2016 
    Lars Midthassel    1st JV Lincoln-Douglas 
    Ethan Knox 2nd JV Lincoln-Douglas 
    Cailean Cavanaugh & Nick Simila 1st JV Policy Debate   
    Strath Haven PCFL October 8, 2016 
    Lars Midthassel     2nd JV Lincoln-Douglas  
    Ethan Knox 3rd JV Lincoln-Douglas