• Centennial School District
    Finance Committee

    June 20, 2011




    1. Approval of May 16, 2011 Committee Minutes (attachment)
    2. Accounting
      1. Authorization to close the books for June 30, 2011 and record commitments of fund balance per the adopted GASB 54 policy (attachment)
      2. Review of draft GASB 45 study as of April 2010 and authorization to make the District’s second deposit, this payment covering the period ending June 30, 2011 (attachment) (attachment)
    3. Reality-based budgeting
      1. Receipt of analysis statements as of May 31, 2011 (attachment)
      2. Presentation of health care administrative cost containment strategies
                                                                  i.      Do nothing (IBC first look, as adopted) (attachment) (attachment)
                                                                ii.      Third-look (if provided by IBC) (attachment) (attachment)
                                                              iii.      Potential PSEA consortium (in the formative stages) (attachment) (attachment)

                                                              iv.      Bucks County IU 22 self-insurance (effective perhaps as soon as 9/1/11) (attachment)

                                                                v.      Delaware Valley Health Insurance Trust (effective perhaps as soon as 10/1/11) (attachment)

      1. Approval to move a resolution related to health care administrative cost containment strategies for our administrative/support employees to the June 28th legislative meeting
      2. Approval to refer the matter of health care administrative cost containment strategies for our Centennial Education Association employees and retirees to the Negotiations Committee

        4.   Food Service

      1. Authorization to accept and execute a grant from the Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association (attachment)

        5.   Payroll/Accounts Payable

      1. Approval of auxiliary pay schedule for 2011-12 (attachment)
      2. Approval of game worker fees for 2011-12 (attachment)
      3. Approval of officials fees schedule for 2011-12 (attachment)

        6.   Purchasing

      1. Approval of bids (attachment)
      2. Authorization to issue a request for proposals for a benefit eligibility audit (attachment)

        7.   Revenues

      1. Approval to not pursue a tax lien sale for 2010-11 or 2011-12 (previously discussed at Committee, need a formal resolution - (attachment)

        8.   Technology

      1. Comparison of PayPal vs. Google Checkout (brief discussion by Mr. Reed) (attachment)

        9.   Table top exercises (handout to be provided at the meeting)