• The LCMS Broadcasting Crew, vibrant, trained and eager to work, are responsible for producing and broadcasting morning announcements LIVE each and every morning.  However, their responsibilities do not end there!  The LCMS Broadcasting Crew makes movies to be used in classroom instruction, assists fellow students with personal assignments, and creates commercials and exposés on timely issues. 

    Interested students are required to complete an employment application and weather two intense job interviews.  Students who make the cut are then trained for one of thirty five possible positions for which he or she is solely responsible.  The various duties include, but are not limited to, production editor, camera person, soundboard manager, video board manager, and anchor person.

    Crew members are trained on professional and semi- professional editing equipment.  They learn pre production, live production and post production skills.  We foster team work and respect among our crew members---and create a team atmosphere.  We look for students who want to be part of a team, show up consistently and work to become better at their job.  If a crew member chooses not to be responsible that member is “released” from his or her position and the hiring process begins again. 

    Our studio consists of one room divided into two:  the anchor room and the control room.  The anchor room houses an anchor desk, green screen, homemade teleprompter, two video cameras and a large TV monitor.  The control room consists of four TV monitors, a video board, soundboard, three DVD players, and an editing station. 

    On a global level, the broadcasting studio has been used to disseminate information by way of video to the entire school.  For example, in celebration of MLK’s birthday, an informational video of MLK’s influence on our world was shown.  After the video, students participated in a quiz game that was also aired by way of the studio. 

    The LCMS Broadcasting Studio is a channel for endless possibilities--- Its Crew plans to exhaust as many as they can!!!