• Centennial School District
    Finance Committee
    August 15, 2011
                   1. Welcome and opening comments 
                   2. Approval of minutes (attachment)
                   3. Benefits/Payroll
                            a. 403b program updates (attachment) (attachment) 
                            b. Status of DVHIT transition (attachment)
                            c. Progress of PSEA health care consortium (attachment)
                   4. Contracts
                            a. Renewal of ambulance services 
                            b. Austill's Rehabilitation Services (attachment)
                            c. BCIU #22 Alternative Education Services Agreement and Schedule of 
                                  Services (attachment) (attachment)
                            d. New Jersey State Department of Education Mandated "Tuition Contract"
                            e. The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania (attachment)
                            f.  Valley Forge Educational Services (attachment)
                            g. Wordsworth Academy (attachment)
                            h. Youth Services Agency (attachment)
                   5. Proposals
                            a. I-Energy (behavioral modification to reduce utility consumption) (attachment)
                   6. Purchasing
                            a. Transportation parts bid (reject and rebid) (attachment)
                            b. Video over IP bid (from Operations) (attachment) (attachment)
                            c. Cooperative purchase of floor cleaning system (from Operations) (attachment)
                            d. Approval to join BuyBoard cooperative (attachment) (attachment)
                   7. Reality Based Budgeting
                            a. Adoption of 2012/13 budget calendar (attachment) (attachment)
                            b. Business Office Website
                            c. PASBO cost reduction task force (attachment)
                            d. Reality-Based Budgeting presentation (including updated projection) (attachment) 
    . Next meeting September 19, 2011 at 7:00 PM
                   9. Table Top Exercise
                            a. Review of priority work plan March 2011(to be provided at meeting)