• Centennial School District
    Finance Committee
    September 19, 2011
    7:00 p.m.
       1.   Welcome and opening comments
       2.   Approval of minutes (attachment 2)
       3.   Benefits/Payroll
                   a.   Status of DVHIT transition (attachment 3.a.1, attachment 3.a.2)
                   b.   Progress of PSEA health care consortium (attachment)   
       4.   Contracts/Technology
                   a.   Microsoft Licensing/BCIU (attachment 4.a, bc and d)
                   b.   Comcast two month extension
       5.   Purchasing
                   a.   Bids (attachment a. i, ii, iii)
                                i.   Custom Apparel
                                ii.   Fleet Repair
                               iii.   Caps and Gowns
                   b.   Request for proposals - Solicitor (attachment 5.b)
       6.   Revenues
                   a.   Bucks County Tax Collection Committee update (attachment 6.a)
                   b.   Request for waiver of penalty and interest - RMS (attachment 6.b)
                   c.   Request for exception to policy - WTHS Marching Band Boosters (attachment 6.c)
       7.   Reality Based Budgeting
                   a.   2012/13 Act 1 Statewide Index Limit (attachment 7.a)               
                   b.   American Jobs Act (attachment 7.b)
                   c.   PASBO/PASA budget survey (attachment 7.c)               
                   d.   Review of 2011/12 Budget Development transmittal (attachment 7.d)              
                   e.   Review of analytical statements/updated projection (attachment 7.e) (attachment)
       8.   Next meeting October 17, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.
       9.   Table Top Exercise
                   a.   Handout to be provided at meeting