• Winter Chorus Concert

    Willow Dale Elementary  All-Purpose Room.

    9:15am for the school
    7:00pm for friends and family
    Chorus t shirts are to be worn for BOTH performances. 
    *4th and 5th Grade Chorus members will report to their classrooms.
    *5th Grade Orchestra and Band will report to Mr. Regosch's room.
    *Please arrive by 6:45 pm

     Concert Dress:

                              All Chorus members will where their new chorus t-shirts along with black/dark pants and shoes.  If a student does not have a shirt, please wear a BLUE t shirt. Also, no hats, antlers, or anything that may distract the singers and audience!


    **Any questions about dress or arrival times, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me**
                                                                      215-441-6093, ext 11205

    Please mark your calendars....everyone is needed and important to the

    Chorus "team"