• Centennial School District
    Finance Committee
    October 17, 2011
    7:00 p.m.
       1. Welcome and opening comments 
       2. Approval of minutes (attachment)
       3. Benefits/Payroll
             a. Status of DVHIT transition
                    i. Approval of Madison National renewal (attachment)
                   ii. Authorize execution of various plan documents (attachment) (attachment) (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)
             b. Progress of PSEA health care consortium (attachment)
             c. Auxiliary pay schedule issues (attachment)
             d. Execute 403b loan policy document (attachment) 
       4. Contracts/Technology
             a. STC change order (no cost) (attachment) (attachment)
             b. STC maintenance agreement (execute contract per bid) (attachment)
             c. Inventory Asset Services (attachment)
             d. Verizon Agreement WTHS (attachment)
             e. Professional Development (attachment)
       5. Insurance
             a. Builder’s risk continuation (WTHS) (attachment)
       6. Revenues
             a. Approval of use of funds agreement, IDEA 619 (attachment)
             b. Transition of delinquent earned income tax collectors (attachment)
       7. Reality Based Budgeting
             a. Review Governor’s education reform priorities (attachment)
             b. Review of analytical statements/updated projection (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)
       8. Next meeting November 14, 2011 at 7:00 PM
       9. Table Top Exercise a. Handout to be provided at meeting