• Centennial School District

    Finance Committee




    Monday, November 14, 2011


    1.    Welcome and opening comments

    2.    Approval of minutes (attachment)

    3.    Benefits/Payroll

    a.    Status of DVHIT transition

                                      i.    Authorize execution of various plan documents (attachment)

                                    ii.    Approve ERRP data agreement with IBX (attachment)

    b.    Progress of PSEA health care consortium (attachment)
    C.   Dependent Verification RFP(attachment)

    4.    Copy Center update (attachment)

    5.    Purchasing

    a.    Fresh produce bid (attachment)

    b.    Homestead Farmstead mailing (attachment)

    6.    Revenues

    a.    Revised Clear Choice proposal (attachment)

    b.    Transcripts (attachment)

    c.    Requests for waiver of penalty (attachment) (attachment)

    7.    Reality Based Budgeting

    a.    Capital Projects

                                      i.    Status of project funds(attachment)

                                    ii.    Proposed Food Service fund transfer (50) (attachment)

                                   iii.    WTHS auditorium bid (attachment)

    b.    Review of analytical statements/updated projection (attachment)

    c.    2012/13 budget development update

                                      i.    Draft MBIT budget (attachment)

                                    ii.    Draft capital reserve fund (32) requests (attachment)

                                   iii.    Draft debt service fund (40) budget (attachment)

                                   iv.    Draft General Fund (10) revenue budget (attachment)

                                    v.    Draft General Fund (10) expenditure budget (attachment)

    8.    Next meeting December 19, 2011 at 7:00 PM

    9.    Table Top Exercise

    a.    Handout to be provided at meeting