Centennial School District
    Finance Committee
    Tuesday, January 17, 2012

             1. Welcome and opening comments 
             2. Approval of minutes (attachment)
             3. Benefits/Payroll
                   a. Status of DVHIT transition (attachment)               
                   b. Progress of PSEA health care consortium
             4. Purchasing
                   a. Bids
                         i. Facilities (attachment)
                         ii. Computers (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)
                   b. Follett textbook buyback (attachment)              
                   c. Authorization to purchase Skyward programming hours  (attachment)
                   d. Scan Tek scanning - HR  (attachment)          
             5. Revenues
                   a. Appeal for waiver of penalty and interest (attachment)     
             6. Reality Based Budgeting    
                   a. Review of analytical statements/updated projection (attachment) (attachment)
                   b. 2012/13 budget development update
                         i. PDE 2028 with Act 1 exceptions (attachment) (attachment)
                         ii. State budget outlook (attachment) (attachment)
                         iii. Potential staffing reductions (attachment)
             7. Next meeting February 22, 2012 at 7:00 PM