• Centennial School District

    Finance Committee Meeting Agenda
    March 19, 2012
    7:00 p.m.
          1. Welcome and opening comments 
          2. Approval of minutes (attachment)
          3. Appoint Treasurer 2012/13 (attachment)
          4. Benefits/Payroll
                a. Benefit fair announcement – information only (attachment)
                b. Renewals
                      i. DVHIT medical (attachment)
                      ii. Delta dental (attachment)
                      iii. SCS vs. VBA supplemental vision (attachment)
                      iv. Aetna life (attachment)
               c. Employee Status Report (attachment) 
          5. Purchasing/Contracts
                a. Sale of Used 3-Com Data and Telecommunications Equipment (attachment) (attachment)
                b. Sports Medicine Services (attachment)
                c. Bread and Rolls Bid (attachment)
          6. Revenues
                a. Timeline for desired disposition of surplus buildings (attachment)
                b. EPA Grant Application (attachment)
          7. Reality Based Budgeting
                a. Approve 2012/13 MBIT Budget (attachment)
                b. Review of analytical statements/updated projection – information only (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)
                c. 2012/13 budget development update (attachment) (attachment) (attachment)
          8. Next meeting April 16, 2012 at 7:00 PM 
          9. For further reading 
                a. "Weathering the Storm"(attachment)
                b. "Runaway Spending" (attachment) (attachment)