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    Bert's Schools
    • Germantown Academy...the food was good but the uniform was itchy.
    • The Tremendous University of Pittsburgh
    • Home of tartar control toothpaste, multi-organ transplants, and the cure for polio. I studied Renaissance history, philosophy, French, and writing. Hence, I can ponder the past and the future in two languages.
      I earned a Masters in Education from Arcadia University where I studied computer applications and programming. Also, I hold a Masters in Science from Gwynedd-Mercy College where I completed course work to become certified as a principal.

              Bert's Favorite Foods  

          • Sushi
          • Mushroom pizza
          • Coffee...it's a food!                                                                   
          • Natural chunky peanut butter
          • Crispy apples
          • Goat cheese
          • Roasted vegetables of any sort, except for Brussel sprouts
          • Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, and black licorice
          • Thanksgiving Treats - mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, sweet potato pie, and all other desserts.