• Mr. McCullough, Room 202A 

    e-mail:  mccufr@centennialsd.org





    The elements of mathematics learned during the high school years are critical cornerstones to education. My goal, therefore, is to introduce, reinforce, and work toward achieving competency in successively more difficult levels of work and problem solving.


    Achievement builds confidence. Students are expected to develop computational speed and accuracy, building on existing skills. Through the course of the year, I will work toward increasing the student's critical thinking skills and providing opportunities to apply their knowledge to real life applications. I am confident that a disciplined approach, combined with high expectations, will lead to enthusiasm and a commitment to achieve excellence in mathematics. All class lessons can be accessed from my page on the district website, noted above.


    Here is some more specific information regarding my expectations for all of my math students:


    Materials Needed Daily

    • Prentice Hall Workbook
    • Three Ring Binder with spiral notebook
    • Pencils with erasers
    • Calculator  (TI-84 or compatible graphing calculator)



    Participation/Preparation: All students will be expected to participate through paying attention in class, asking/answering questions, and through involvement in classroom activities. In addition, all students will be expected to arrive promptly with all their required materials.


    Homework: Homework will be assigned regularly. Homework assignments will be posted daily on the district website link to Skyward.  Homework will be checked for completeness and effort and be graded as complete or incomplete. A substantially incomplete homework assignment will be given an incomplete.Any student who misses a homework assignment will be assigned a “0” in Skyward, until the assignment is completed and the new grade is entered.


    Tests/Quizzes: Tests and Quizzes ( including unannounced quizzes) will be given as frequently as the material demands. Tests will be given at the end of a chapter, and quizzes will be given periodically to ensure that all students are developing competency and are on target with the pace of the class. Any student who misses an assessment will be assigned a “0” in Skyward, until the assessment is completed and the new grade is entered.



    Each student's grade is calculated on a point system and the grades are averaged based on the percentages below:

    • Homework: approx.        15%
    • Classwork: approx          15%
    • Quizzes:    approx           35 %
    • Chapter Tests: approx     35%


    Absences: If a student is absent, all work assigned during that period must be completed. Please find out what was missed from the Skyward, the  daily lesson posted online  or a classmate. Please check for any missed handouts in the Absentee folder when you return.


    Academic Support: Any student in need of additional assistance can make an appointment to see me. Please take advantage of this offer.


    Have a great year!


    “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself” – Henry Ford