•  2014-2015 Class Rules   
     Mr. McCullough- WTHS Math

      1. Students must sit in assigned seats. No student is permitted to leave his/ her seat or the classroom without permission. Please be in your seat and prepared for class before the bell rings. If you are out of your seat or talking after the bell rings, you will have a consequence of being assigned detention. 

      2. Please use the restroom between classes or during lunch so as not to miss any work during class and not disrupt the class. To sign out, please find your name on  the hall pass chart near the door.

      3. Follow directions and  remain on-task at all times. Classwork is assigned for your benefit and is  mandatory.

      4. Put forth your best effort in everything you do. Grades will be reduced for any assignments that display a clear lack of effort. You must show all work for full credit.

      5. Be prepared for class. (calculators, sharpened pencils, workbooks, etc.) . Students will be expected to bring sharpened pencils everyday. No sharing of calculators.  All graded  formal assessments must be in pencil. Homework must be on your desk at the class at the starting bell to be counted as complete.

      6. Students that have questions about their respective grades should plan on seeing me after class or during office hours.

      7. Students are expected to take notes in class. There may be periodic unannounced quizzes to reinforce the critical nature of note taking as it relates/contributes to success in class.

      8. Eating or drinking anything except water is prohibited.

      9. Please raise your hand and wait to be called upon before speaking

     10. Quietly remain in your seat until the bell rings to end class. Do not stand near the door.

     11. During a test or quiz ,any talking while tests/quizzes are being administered is assumed to be academic dishonesty and will result ina  ZERO on the test/quiz for those talking. Please raise your hand if you have a question. 

     12. Unless specific permission is granted,  all electronic devices (phones, IPODS, etc) are prohibited in my classroom. Any device which is taken out or used in class without permission will be confiscated and forwarded to the discipline office. A discipline referral with be recorded. Any student refusing to surrender their device will also be issued a second disciplinary referral for insubordination.

     13. Sharing of calculators is prohibited during any formal/graded assessment.  
     14. Students arriving late will be issued a warning. Any student that  exceeds (3) late arrivals will be issued detention for each additional late arrival.